IYOU Event

International Youth of Unity


2018 IYOU - Level Up will be July 9th through 13th, 2018

Arrival: Monday July 9, 2018
Registration 2-5 p.m.

Departure: Friday July 13, 2018
Closing circle 11:30 a.m.-12 noon
Lunch 12-1 p.m.

Your 2018 Indies


Claire Fowler (Great Lakes), Georgia Henderson (Eastern), L.J. Valery (Southeast)

Registration for IYOU 2018 is closed

If you have any questions, contact martin@unity.org.

with musician: John Stringers

 To Be Eligible to Attend:

  • Be attending an active YOU chapter and have gone to a regional event. (for US & Canada)

YOU Chapter Eligibility

In order to be considered an active YOU chapter, the group must:

  • Be under the direction of a recognized Unity member ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Be active in their regional YOU program.
  • Include one or more teens ranging from the ages of 14 through 18 years of age (YOUer) and adult sponsors* over the age of 25 (YOU Sponsor).

Registration Information

As a YOUer, to be eligible to attend IYOU, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 15-18 and currently attending high school.
  • Be actively involved in YOU.
  • Have attended a prior regional YOU event (in the current school year).
  • Have completed 15 hours of service in a Unity church or local community.
  • Have a designated event sponsor at the event. (can be a sponsor from another chapter)
  • Read the book "Power Up" by Paul Hasselbeck.
  • Write either a YOU Lesson or a One Page Essay on the power you find most difficult and how to change your perception.
    In order to confirm your registration, the essay or lesson plan must be emailed by June 18, 2018.

Event Cost:

$150   Deposit for registration before March 12th, 2018
           Remaining payment ($400) due by May 30th, 2018
$550   Regular Registration payment any time before May 31th
$600   Late Registration from June1st to June 10, 2018

**Refund requests up to $400 will be accepted through June 10th, 2018**

Local Area Information

Here is a link to the local area information for your support

If you have questions or need support contact Martin Dowman 512.431.6090 or martin@unity.org.

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Photo from 2017 - Sound in Silence

IYOU 2018 Group Photo

See the video of the Art Wall Mural Project done during IYOU 2017